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Reasonable feeding

There are many types of pets, their living habits are ever-changing, and their requirements for food varieties and nutrition are also different.

Reasonable feeding
The number of feedings per day and the feeding time should be determined according to the growth needs of the pet. It is generally advisable to eat small meals at a young age. The amount of each feeding must also be controlled and not too full. Excessive feeding or sudden change of food will affect its digestive function, ranging from gastroenteritis, gastric dilatation, and indigestion, to death. When pets have a bad appetite, they are sometimes hungry for a period of time to restore their appetite. You should know that many pets are accustomed to a life of uneven hunger and fullness before they are not petted by people.
Food hygiene
Compared with livestock and poultry, most pets have stronger disease resistance and are less likely to get sick. However, it cannot be ignored to prevent "disease from mouth". Don't feed pets with livestock and poultry meat that has died of illness or poisoning. Don't feed carrion, carrion insects, or spoiled or moldy food. Otherwise, it is easy to cause infectious or toxic diseases of the digestive tract, and it is often too late to rescue. Some people like to feed the leftover chicken bones and fish bones and leftover soup to dogs and cats. Not only can they not keep up with their nutrition, but they also tend to damage the mouth, throat and esophagus, and should be avoided.
Nutritionally balanced and comprehensive
Pets are generally small in size and consume relatively little feed, so more attention should be paid to the comprehensive nutrition of the feed. At present, pet stores have many pet foods produced by manufacturers. Generally, the nutritional combination is relatively reasonable, and there is no need to re-match them. But if you are preparing your own feed, you must pay attention to the reasonable configuration of various nutrients in the feed to ensure that the protein, carbohydrate, fat, minerals, vitamins and other ingredients are complete and the proportions are appropriate. Commercially available meat products such as ham and sausage may contain pigments, preservatives, etc., and are not suitable for long-term feeding. Pay special attention to the nutritional needs of different seasons, different kinds of pets, and different growth and development stages. It is best to add special nutrients.

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